Protect Your HVAC System in Eastern Ontario with Seismic Restraint

The damaging effects of earthquakes can wreak havoc on an inadequately restrained HVAC system in Eastern Ontario. When large equipment, like an HVAC system, is knocked off of its supporting structure it can be extremely dangerous. At Walmar Ventilation Products, we offer both mechanical and sheet metal seismic restraint calculations and equipment. We are aware of the seismic restraint building codes in the area so you can be sure your system will be both safely restrained and up to code. When you think about it, the upfront cost of securing your equipment is nothing compared to what you’ll pay by replacing or repairing equipment affected by an earthquake, or even the downtime for your business. Let Walmar Ventilation Products assist you with your seismic restraint project. Call today to get started.

Noise Abatement & Vibration Isolation

If noise levels concern you, Walmar Ventilation Products offers a line of noise abatement products, including silencers and sound attenuating roof curbs.

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