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Top Selling Brand Name Products in Ottawa, Eastern ON & Western QC

At Walmar Ventilation Products, we work with many industry leading brands in order to provide you with reliable products for whatever your needs may be. We invite you to take a look through some of the brand names that we work with below, or you can pull up our 2017-2018 line card for quick reference. You can also contact us to request more information, or to get started with our services.

Our brands

The brands we sell and service include:

Company name: AAF®/Flanders

Application: Air filtration

Products: Pleated, bag in bag out, and HEPA filtration, gas phase filtration

Company name: Acutherm

Products: Therma-fuser, thermally powered VAV diffuser

Company name: Aerofin

Application: Heating/cooling coils

Products: Integral face and bypass coils

Company name: Air Monitor Corporation

Products: Airflow measurement & control

Company name: Airius

Products: Destratification fans

Company name: Aldes

Products: HRV’s and ERV’s

Company name: Alumavent

Products: Control Dampers, Motorized Dampers, Fire Damper etc.

Company name: American Coolair®

Products: Commercial, residential and agricultural fans, blowers and accessories

Company name: Belimo

Products: Actuators and valves

Company name: Berner International

Products: Air curtains

Company name: BLC

Application: Air filtration

Products: Custom filtration solutions

Company name: Broan™

Application: interior fans, residential kitchen ventilation

Products: Light commercial and residential exhausters / ventilation and exhaust hoods

Company name: Canarm®
Products: Stratification fans, commercial and residential exhaust fans

Company name: CRC – Critical Room Control

Products: Alarming & control of critical room environments

Company name: Carnes®

Application: Fans - rooftop and interior, energy recovery, terminal units, humidification, grilles, and diffusers

Products: HVAC roof exhauster, inline centrifugal. Commercial HRV and ERV, Terminal Units, Electric Humidifiers

Company name: Dayus Register and Grille

Products: Fast Ship Aluminum Grilles and Registers

Company name: Delhi Industries

Products: Commercial and industrial blowers, exhaust fans and accessories

Company name: Direct Coil

Application: Heating and cooling solutions

Products: Heating/cooling coils and fluid/unit coolers

Company name: Ductmate

Products: Duct Connection Systems, Access Doors, Duct Sealer

Company name: Dura Systems

Products: Fire rated ductwork

Company name: Effectiv HVAC

Products: Architectural ceiling diffusers

Company name: Envira-North

Products: High-volume low-speed destratification fans

Company name: Fabco Plastics

Products: Thermoplastic products designed for use in corrosion resistant fluid processing systems

Company name: Fantech

Products:Fans and HRV

Company name: Flexmaster / Novaflex

Products: Flex duct and hose

Company Name: Global Plasma Solutions (GPS)

Products: Ionization Filtration Systems

Company name: Grada International

Products: High induction diffusers

Company name: Honeywell / Vulcain

Products: Gas detection

Company name: Islandaire

Products: Air conditioning and heating products

Company name: Kinetics Noise Control Inc.

Products: Noise control, HVAC Silencers & Acoustic Louvers 

Company name: Krueger

Application: Heating and cooling coils, fan coils and grilles and diffusers

Products: Factory installed terminal unit coils, concealed high output fan coils, grilles and diffusers, VAV terminals, bypass boxes and fan powered boxes

Company Name: Magic Aire®

Products: Air handlers, unit ventilators, heating and cooling coils

Company name: MIRO Industries Inc.

Products: Rooftop support products

Company name: MK Plastics

Application: Perchloric acid exhaust, rooftop and interior fans

Products: Venturi exhaust system. Corrosion resistant, stainless steel PVC & FRP fans

Company name: Myson

Application: Hydronic heating solutions

Products: Commercial and residential radiators and fan convectors

Company name: N.R Murphy®

Application: Dust collection

Products: Bag dust collectors, hose, blast gates, cyclone products

Company name: Neptronic®

Application: Humidification, duct heaters, building controls, terminal units, actuators

Products: Electric humidifiers. Open face, fin tube, on/off modulating duct heaters, digital controls. 35 - 2000 in. lb actuators.

Company name: Northern Blower®

Application: Fans - Rooftop and interior

Products: Light commercial to industrial axial, centrifugal, inline centrifugal, plug etc.

Company name: Optibelt

Products: Belts, sheaves, pulleys

Company name: Pahlen®

Application: Spa and Pools

Products: Spa and pool heat exchangers - titanium and stainless steel

Company name: Panasonic

Products: Ventilation fans

Company name: PennBarry

Application: Fans - rooftop and interior

Products: Roof/wall/upblast fans, ceiling, wall and inline fans, gravity vents, mixed flow centrifugal fans, utility vent sets, freestanding centrifugal fans, industrial and material handling fans, tubular centrifugal fans, plug-in plenum fans, vane axial fans, bifurcator fans and fume exhaust fans

Company name: Plymovent®

Application: Vehicle and fume exhaust, and mist source caption.

Products: Extraction arms, reels, fans and systems

Company name: Plymovent Canada

Products: Fume extraction

Company name: Prihoda

Products: Tailor-made fabric ducting and diffusers

Company name: Quakekoso Canada Ltd.

Products: Seismic gas shut off valves

Company name: Reversomatic

Application: Interior fans

Products: Washroom and dryer exhaust

Company name: RIELLO

Application: Hydronic heating solutions

Products: Commercial and industrial boilers and burners

Company name: Rosemex

Application: Air distribution, air valves, radiant heating, energy recovery units

Products: Air handlers, hydronic unit heaters, heating/cooling coils, bypass coils, and a full line of perimeter and entrance radiant heating systems.

Company name: ROTH Industries

Products: Double-wall oil storage tanks, septic/cistern tanks, solar systems, radiant heating systems, rainwater harvesting, snowmelt systems, PEX-c plumbing systems.

Company name: Selkirk

Products: Boiler Venting (Cat.I to IV), Pre Engineered Stainless Steel Ventilation Stacks

Company name: Spring Air

Application: Commercial kitchen ventilation

Products: Exhaust fans, make up air, commercial range hoods and ecology units

Company name: STELPRO

Application: Electric heating solutions

Products: Commercial and residential baseboard, unit heaters and fan convectors

Company name: Superior Radiant Products

Application: Infrared heaters

Products: Infrared heaters

Company name: Swegon

Products: DOAS – Decentralized air handling and energy recovery

Company name: Tekmar®

Application: Control Systems

Products: Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning controls, Thermostats, Sensors & Actuators

Company name: Thermotek

Products: Make up Air Units

Company name: Triangle Tube

Application: Hydronic heating systems

Products: Condensing boilers, in-direct water heaters, brazed plate heat exchangers

Company name: United Enertech

Products: Industrial control dampers, fire/smoke dampers

Company name: Venmar AVS

Product: Heat recovery air exchanger

Company name: Ventex

Application: Motorized dampers, louvres

Products: Insulated/non-insulated motorized dampers. standard, custom, and architectural louvres.

Company name: Wilkinson Chutes Canada®

Application: Garbage and linen chutes

Products: Rubbish and linen chutes, compaction units and bins

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